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Filling Your MOJO Bean Bag

MOJO Bean Bags can be purchased directly from us – on this website. Please click on the ‘MOJO Shop’ page to purchase. If you have purchased a MOJO Bean Bag you will need to fill it with beans that you purchase separately, to a volume that you are comfortable with in use. When filling your MOJO Bean Bag please first fill the inner bag, then insert the inner bag into the outer cover. For maximum comfort please do not fill the bag too full, allow the shape to be soft and comfortable.

MOJO Outdoor Easy Chairs are compressed for ease of shipping and transport.

MOJO Casual Furniture can be purchased at Bunnings Warehouse and is already ‘foam filled’ so that you do not need to purchase beans separately. By compressing your MOJO Casual Furniture we are able to pass on significant freight and handling savings enabling us to offer you up to date, stylish MOJO product, at affordable prices.

4 Things to Remember when you Unpack your NEW MOJO ;

1.  Be careful not to cause damage when cutting the packaging.
2. Your MOJO outer cover will take up to 48 hours to fully recover
3.  Separating the clumps of foam with your hands thru the cover will help this process
4.  If the MOJO outer cover is wrinkled, these will disappear over time and with regular usage

Thank you again for Choosing the MOJO Brand, Experts in Outdoor Cushions, Casual Furniture & Bean Bags.

For More Information please visit our Website : or
Call our Customer Service Help Line on 1800 620 500 during Office Hours. We are here to help you.